Pretty in Pink are vegan!

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Gourmet Artisan dog treats

Why Choose Us?



We believe the foundation to good health comes from what we eat, what we put in our bodies. More and more you see people eating whole foods, avoiding gluten, making the conscious choice to live a healthier lifestyle and eat better. we must advocate for our furry companions. Why wouldn't we want to build that foundation of health for them? We want them to be happy and healthy just like ourselves, they are mans best friend.

My Best Friends Munchies avoids gluten and grains altogether. You don't have to worry if your dog has a sensitivity. Keeping our treats gluten and grain free ensures our treats will be gentle on your dogs digestive system. 

We use the best organic ingredients in our treats, food we would want to eat. Our ingredient list is not a mile long and there is nothing in our treats you can't pronounce. Each of our ingredients has a benefit to offer your pup whether its good for their skin and coat or helps alleviate arthritis symptoms! Read all about these benefits on our ingredients page.

Too often you hear about a dog getting sick from their treats. They were harsh on the tummy or ate too many. Our treats won't make your best friend sick. My dog once got a hold of 130 Orange Clouds treats and had no adverse reaction!


Support a small business

We are registered with the FDA and OSHA. This means our treats are safe for your best friend and your information is insured and safe with our small busines. 

Supporting a a small business is having pride in your community, helping your neighbor and knowing that your patronage is truly appreciated. 

When you buy My Best Friends Munchies you are helping our family reach our goals. Your paving the road to our future and supporting our dreams. 

You and My Best Friends Munchies are like-minded. We cherish our best friends. We want the best for our furry companions. We care deeply about their quality of life and we want to give them ALL the treats. Because, they deserve it!


Less is more

We proudly offer a treat  with less.  Every single one  of  our  treats  have:

NO gluten

NO  grain

NO  preservatives 

NO  colors  or  dyes

NO  added  suger  or  salt

NO  by-products

NO  wheat  or  soy

NO  fillers  like  corn

Every  flavor has  been  taste  tested and approved  by  my  own  2  best  friends.  Hank  is a 3 year  old Great  Pyraneese /  Border  Collie mix we  rescued  2  years ago.  Ava  is  a  8  year  old  Boxer  /  Bird  dog  mix we  rescued over  7  years  ago.  They  are our inspiration;  not  just  for  these  amazing treats  but  in  life,  compassion,  joy  and  duty.  We  are their  advocate And they are  our best  friends.