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Gourmet Artisan dog treats

Gourmet Artisan dog treats

Using organic ingredients we bake gourmet dog treats the moment you order!


Using organic ingredients we bake gourmet dog treats the moment you order!

About Us


Sit, Stay, Good dog!

We are a family owned and operated business out of beautiful Colorado. Our mission is to be worthy of mans best friend; to show our furry companions love, joy, dedication and compassion. A wonderful part of that was creating My Best Friends Munchies.


Healthy and Yummy!

We put love and care into our dog treats, using organic ingredients and baking fresh for each order. The vibrant colors you see are all natural. No added colors or dyes. No preservatives. No by-products, truly gourmet. We don’t use any grain or soy, only ingredients healthy for you and your pup that you would find in your own kitchen. Although these are baked to order you won’t be waiting a week for them. We start baking the moment you order and ship within 24 hours!


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